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Suzanne Buirgy:

Paul Chepikian

August 24, 2015

Just finished cutting Mim's Song from the house concert. Came over for some information from your site. Make certain I was spelling things correctly etc., so I thought I'd say hi! xoxo

David Chester

July 19, 2015

Suzanne dear,

I don't know if you remember me, but long, long ago you sang a song called "Swingtown" that I wrote. You were fabulous.

Needless to say we lost touch. Your name popped into my brain and I searched for you... and here you are.

I won't go on. Here's my website:

Say hello if you care to or have time.

You still sound awesome.

Megan Hutton

October 9, 2014

I met you on Rosie's cruise. I'm a playwright, live in Toronto. Have been listening to threaten CD's I bought back then daily! Would love to connect. Have musical friends in Toronto who also do house concerts.

Donna Natoli

June 30, 2013

Love your music!!! I love the trees!!!! I saw you years ago at a Dar Williams concert. I have worn out your CD!!!!!

Carol Gibson

April 27, 2013

I listen to your music quite often. I love the stories you tell. Hope you're doing well! I'd love to get together sometime. Email me if you have the time.

Robin Ross

September 9, 2012

Love your art!!!

Carol Gibson

June 27, 2012

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help with your musical. Can't wait to hear it!

Anthony Rossilli

September 24, 2010

Hey Cousin!
Sitting here grading some Anatomy tests listening to my new favorite song.....The View From Here.....thinking back to times when I was little sitting next to you while you played and here you are and I'm just as hypnotized as I was back then. I love you!

Doug Thiele

August 22, 2010

A co-writer and friend just sent me "Experience," and as an old writer I just wanted to thank you for it.
You need to get YouTubed, by the way.


June 23, 2010

Well I must say it is about time that you played in the L.A. area! I am truly excited to see you play again! Love ya Friend!


May 23, 2010

you're a hero i've never met, and my lifesaver.. thank you for your honesty , strength, determination and emotion - my life path is similar, where you let it out, I shut it're sincerity is helping me to start getting it out - and actually feel and slowly show the emotion I know inscompletely in my heart.. thank you

Terry Mason

April 24, 2010

love you -- can't wait for August.

Tim & Tricia

December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays, Suzanne! It's been too long, but hope to see you again soon.

Steve Andrews

November 24, 2009

How have you been? Sorry I lost touch. Your new song (You) is great - thanks for making music, touches my heart. Life is good in NJ.

Bruce Ablin

October 30, 2009

Hi Suzanne!
You sound great on your song samples!
Do you by any chance remember me?
We met in about 1977 when you were in a musical, I believe down on Melrose....
I was in the music business (Engineer/Producer), and you were 17....
Hope that you're doing great!
(You can look me up on Facebook and say hi, if you like....)
Would be great to reconnect....

gretchen l.klain

June 5, 2009

Dearest Suzanne, I just wanted to say hi and to let you know that your on my mind... think of you often...maybe we can stay in touch you, gretchen ...and am very sorry for your loss, FRANK was a really sweet person and he will be missed by everyone who knew him


May 2, 2009

Can't wait to see you @ Paul's!!

Uncle bill emerson

April 27, 2009

Hello Suzanne, While in Texas, will you be doing Houston or Kerrville? I'm in Houston and would love to see you perform again. I sang at the ballad tree one time that you hosted and my wife and I appreciated some kind words you had for one of my songs. Uncle Bill.

Cheri Gillham

February 27, 2009

I'm very excited to see that you will be in Austin in May. Hoping to see you this year! Hope you are yours are well.


February 5, 2009

Miss you! I can't wait till you make it out to Texas again!

Jana Welch

January 26, 2009

Hey there Star! It was so great seeing you yesterday! You are such a beautiful, warm spirit.

I see you are going to be in Texas. I will try to time my next trip so that I can see you at Uncle Calvin's.

Much Love.


October 5, 2008

Hi, Suzanne. I'm Suzanne. I stumbled across you're name when I was looking at rfamilyvacations.
Just wanted to say hi. :3

Thomas Cummins

September 11, 2008

fainally found you again -
fianlly figured out a way too _(old brains cells never die, they only wallow in small circles until they are stirred up into consciousness once more)
hope all is well - luv to all -

Len Jaffe

July 12, 2008

Suzanne, where have you been? Drop me a note and bring Ginny and me up to date, will you?

All the best,
Len Jaffe

Irene Selbrede

June 20, 2008

Suzanne, I cannot tell you how much your music touches and inspires me. I can't wait to see you at Uncle Calvins. Never stop doing what you do, you are wonderful!

Kevin Sheehan and Max Boital

March 14, 2008

Hello Friend, think about you alot and hope someday to run into you!!! Miss the old Luna Park and The Library sessions!!!! Take care and love to you!!!!!!!

bloomingOUT radio show

March 4, 2008

What a great voice! We would love to play your music on our radio show!

And interview you as well ifyou like!

Carol Fischer - Producer

marla Musselman

February 2, 2008

I just saw on your website that you are going to be in Carson City NV in March 08-could you please email me when you know when & where so we can make plans? We saw you on an Olivia cruise and we love you!!

Charlie LoPresto

January 1, 2008

Hi Suzanne--
I just finished previewing a few of your songs and YOU ROCK! I think Janis Joplin would be proud of your work. . .one of the most exciting voices I've heard in years! Terrific

II.D. Freed

December 24, 2007

25 December 2007


ust sitting up late and listening to "The Kitchen Sink" and realized it's been EIGHTEEN MONTHS since I've last heard you at Calvin's! I'm glad the house is just about done and hope all is well with you and yours.

Lookin' forward to your next trip to Dallas and hearing you again at Uncle Calvin's!

Still here, I.D.

Beth McCabe

December 3, 2007

Hi Suzanne- I know you from dallas, Uncle calvins and The Wildflower Festival. I'm in Boston now, and i cover EXPERIENCE. The crowds LOVE IT! I hope all's well with you and yours.

Best regards,
Beth McCabe

Art Seif

November 17, 2007

Glad to see you're back in the swing of things. I am preparing a music series in NJ this Spring. Any chance that you're available? Will be in L.A. area 12/20-23. Would love to hear you perform or say hello. My NJ number is 908-665-0213, in L.A. 512-589-1466. Best wishes, Art

C Bridges

October 27, 2007

Suzanne, George asks about you and wishes he could see you sometime. He's in Atascadero area. I'm meeting him at T-Giving if you happen to be in that area. Your Web site is beautiful and so are you, Love, your Cuz C

Mary Yates

October 25, 2007

Suzanne, I went to a concert at a venue in Berkeley last night - thought it would be a perfect place for you...would love to catch up. Email if you get a chance. Hope you are well. ~m~

Robert Angres

October 24, 2007

Dear Suzanne, cannot reach you at your previous e-mail and looking to finalize the booking at Brewery ARts! Let me know. thanks, rja

Cheri Gillham

July 29, 2007

Hey, thought you were coming to Austin in August...Looking forward to hearing you again. Hope all is well. Take care.

Dorothy M Cook

July 23, 2007

First heard you on Rosie's Blog, she used one of your songs for a picture montague. Looking for your CD, is it available, love your voice


July 15, 2007

Thank You

Bob Vann

July 14, 2007

Suzanne, your songs touch me as few artists' do. Live, or recorded, you are a wonderful writer and performer. I was very much looking forward to driving to Austin August 18 to hear you again, but it appears that isn't to be. Hope everything's okay with you, and you'll make it back to Texas soon.

Kelly Cech

July 12, 2007

I love your music. I listen to your cd's all the time for the past 4-5 yrs. I have seen you once in Madison, WI. You rocked. Would love to see you again.

Laura A.

July 5, 2007

Hi Friend! It seems you are doing really well...that is great! I miss hearing you play live. I have been trying to get ahold of or call when you get a chance. love ya!

Monique Schramm

June 25, 2007

Dear Suzanne, I am an old fan of yours from The Library Cafe in Long Beach. I was very excited to find out you had a new CD out. I just bought it and can't wait to hear it. I am thrilled to see your extraordinary talent is reaching a lot of new listeners! All the best to you.


June 9, 2007

Let me continue. I had no idea what you had inside you. I hope that you will be performing loaclly soon so we can meet again. I think the last time I saw you was after a performance of Pirates.


June 9, 2007

I have listened to all of your CDs. What a gift you have. I had no idea when we we growing up.


June 3, 2007

Loved the song on Rosie's lbog. Let me know when you are performing in Northern CA. I live near S.F. How about Freight and Salvage? Somewhere else nearby?

Ron Olesko - WFDU-FM

May 29, 2007

Hi Suzanne,

I'm sorry I missed saying this earlier, but let me wish you a happy birthday! I believe your birthday was this past weekend. Hope you had a great one!

When are you coming back east?????

Hope all is well. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Ron Olesko

Trudi Baker-Reed

May 29, 2007

Suzanne, I just purchased a copy of A5678 off of E-Bay. Can't wait to listen to it. I remember how great you sang Afraid of Love. I will have to purchase your other CD's.

Len Jaffe

May 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Suzanne! I just celebrated the big 5-8 on Friday, and Ginny's is coming up on June 1st. All of us Gems have to stick together! Sure hope your future travels include another east coast run, although I know you have more than enough to keep you busy already! All the best from both of us! Len Jaffe, Barking Cherry House Concerts, Charlottesville, VA

Ron Waite

May 27, 2007

Happy Birthday. Have a great day and many more! You share your birthday with Deian McBryde. More Birthdays at
Ron "Ran" Waite (Outmusic member)
"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is
music." ~ Aldous Huxley

Tim L.

May 26, 2007

Hey Suzanne - as an avid 'music' fan, I'm thrilled to stumble on to your work. It's fantastic, you're fantastic! Thanks for sharing your tunes on Zune-it's super fun to listen to your music. We live in Dallas - so we'll look for a way to come hear you in person in August!
Best wishes!

Arlene & Mark

May 15, 2007

Drop us an e-mail. We miss you!!

D. Chester

May 1, 2007

Suzanne... do you remember me? You sang "Swingtown" for me 27 years ago! I've thought of you many times. It seems you're doing well. I finally made my first movie. Check it out here: I hope I can find a way to work with you again someday. You look great.


April 2, 2007

Are you still planning to put "The Kitchen Sink" up on iTunes? I have been checking daily. If not, I will order it from CD Baby. Thank you!


March 20, 2007

Just bought the new EP!!!!! I cannot wait to get it in the mail! Tomorrow is my birthday and I cannot think of a better present than to FINALLY be able to hear all of September 12th. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for releasing the EP!!!!


March 19, 2007

Will September 12th be going to iTunes soon?

Thank you... Palestar


March 18, 2007

Thanks for making September 12th available so quickly! I just placed my order with CD Baby! You music is a gift!

Gloria Damiani

March 8, 2007

I just love your music and love love love September 12th. Please tell me how I can get a copy. thanks so much.


March 7, 2007

Thank you for updating the website and addressing the INCREDIBLE song on roBlog. I nearly made myself nuts looking for it...Need to have it. You have an amazing gift-thanks for sharing!

Kathy Leathwood

March 7, 2007

WOW - is all I can say. Please, please please let me know how I can purchase this song. Put into words how I'm feeling and will definitely look for the Silver Lining. Add me to your 'Canadian' Fans.


March 6, 2007

Your song on Rosie's blog is absolutely amazing. I immediately went to iTunes and downloaded both your albums. I haven't stopped playing them since!!! You are amazing! I am looking forward to your next album and hearing all of "September 12th".

Becky Long

March 6, 2007

I've been looking to purchase "September 12th" since hearing a portion of it on Rosie's blog. So glad I discovered your music.


March 5, 2007

Thanks to Rosie I now know you - how I enjoy your voice and your music - I so look forward to September 12 - and other songs - Right now I am listening to Mim's story - I lost my mom to breast cancer when I was 13 years old. Thank you for...well, just thank you. Stay safe and well.

Jane Muller

March 5, 2007

I never heard you r music before hearing it on ro's blog. I want to buy all your CD's. Your music is very personal and yet has a mass appeal.


March 5, 2007

What an incredible voice. It is unforgettable and I, too, cannot wait to be able to listen to Sept.12th on a daily basis! Thanks for sharing your gift. It means so much...


March 5, 2007

I can not wait to buy some of your music. I heard Sept 12 on Rosie's blog and had to find out more about you. You are wonderful!


March 5, 2007

LOVE LOVE LOVE your song September 12th. Please let me know where I can purchase all of your music!

Nancy J. Lavey

March 5, 2007

Love September 12th! Heard it on Rosie's blog's masterful...would like to see it on a cd or as a download...thanks!


March 4, 2007

Seems like Rosie has once again introduced us to someone we all should know. Your voice is incredible! Thank you for the beautiful songs!


March 4, 2007

I LOVE your song Sept 12th. Absolutely beautiful. Please let me know where I can purchase a copy.

stephanie Ingster

March 4, 2007

Dear Suzanne,

I was so moved when I heard your song on Rosie's blog! I LOVE IT !! When will it be on itunes? Listned to all of your other songs and you now have a new fan !!! VERY TALENTED!


March 4, 2007

Yeah for the power of Rosie to spread the word! So happy for you! When, when, when are you coming our way?
Much Love for the Klemow clan.

Jodi Rosenthal

March 4, 2007

After hearing your beautiful song on Rosie's blog, I purchased both The View From Here and A Small World. You are a gifted and prolific singer/songwriter. Thank you for touching me with your amazing work!


March 4, 2007

Love your Sept 12 song (I thought Rosie got it wrong when I couldn't find it anywhere---silly me!).
Also love "Good Sheperd" so many ---great discovery. Thanks for sharing your talent!


March 4, 2007

LOVE the song on rosies blog!I immediately bought both your CDs thinking the song would be on hoo when I found out I was wrong. But I can't wait to listen to the CDs as soon as they arrive.THANKS!


March 4, 2007

Loved the song on Rosie's blog, would love to hear more!


March 4, 2007

So how did Rosie get a copy of Sept 12? Please get it to I tunes as soon as possible! Thanks!


March 4, 2007

I'm so thankful I was introduced to your music on Rosie's website. It's wonderful and moving. I've played The View From Here all weekend! And like so many others, I'd love to be able to buy your song Sept 12. Thank you!


March 4, 2007

September 12th is so beautiful, as is all of your other music. I love the soulful sound of your voice. I'm so grateful to have stumbled upon your name on Rosie's site. I'd love to be able to get a copy of Sept. 12th, if that's possible.

Thanks from a new fan!


March 4, 2007

Hi Suzanne. I am listening to your music while reading I am so grateful to Rosie for introducing your music to me and others. She is a great resource for people who want to expand their musical knowledge and hear great singers. I am bookmarking your home page so I can listen to more. Beautiful!


Mary-Ellen Kramer

March 4, 2007

Omgd!!! I found you through Rosie too. Your voice....I have never heard anyone sing that beautiful before. I MUST have that song!!! I just can't get over it. I see there isn't a way to buy it now. If you ever do have it added to iTunes or a store, let me know! You're awesome!!


March 3, 2007

I'm looking for the song from I'd love to buy it, it's not on itunes. Let me know when/where it can be found. Meanwhile I'll check out your other stuff.


March 3, 2007

Same question as many, heard the song on Rosie's blog. LOVED IT! Need to purchase. What is the name of the song with the lyrics "She leaves the porch light on?" NEED IT! LOVE YOUR MUSIC


March 3, 2007

Suzanne, ANOTHER one searching for the song on Rosie's website. It is hauntingly beautiful!

I just purchased both of your CD's cannot wait for the next!


March 3, 2007

Just another one lead here by Rosie... trying to figure out what that great song in in her video. Beautiful music! You have another new fan!


March 3, 2007

Rosie's site led me here...I just ordered both CD's and can't wait for them to arrive!!! I hope the song from Rosie's blog is on one of is simply beautiful.

donna garden

March 3, 2007

ok, like others I am here from Rosie's blog, I need to order your CD but cannot figure out the song that Rosie used on her site. Very touching and emotional.
Could you let me know so I purchase the CD?


March 2, 2007

Yep,I'm also a Rosie follower.I just ordered both of your cds. I can't get over how personal your lyrics are & how beautiful your voice is. I can't wait for those cds to get here!


March 2, 2007

count me in too as a new fan from rosies site! quick, share the title she used so we can start snatching up all your music! just purchased a small world, i adore your style...


March 2, 2007

I am also looking to purchase the song that Rosie used for the film on her blog ( It is stunningly beautiful. Thank you. Glad to have found your music.


March 2, 2007

I saw a video on blog. She played a song of yours and I somply wept. I must know the name of the song. Please. I got the name Suzanne Buirgy because someone on the blog asked "Who is the artist". But no title is mentioned. Thank you for your help

Gloria & Beth

February 23, 2007

Beth and I just realized that we're traveling to Austin on August 18th. See you there.

Basil Fung

February 17, 2007

Hi Suzanne!

I'm not sure if you remember me, but I played guitar on many of your demos back in the 'Old Days" (mid to late 80's). It's been a long time no talk. How are you?!? You still sound great & Rock Hard girl!!! (in a mellower acoustic way that is) :-)
Please drop me an email when you get the chance I'd love to catch up with you & hear all the great things you've been up to?
Your music sounds Awesome!!! And is very moving too!
I look forward to hearing back from you!

Peace, Love & Music!

Basil Fung

Lee Alford

January 23, 2007

Fantastic vocals.

Lee Alford
KleerStreem Entertainment
Dallas, Tx

Len Jaffe

January 12, 2007

Hi, Suzanne! Happy New Year!

Coming east again anytime soon? We're looking at 2007-08 for our h/c series relatively soon. Please let us know what your plans are. Hope to see you,

All the best!

Len Jaffe & Ginny Gubser
Barking Cherry House Concerts
Charlottesville, VA

Lady Venom

December 22, 2006

I came across your song Never Say Never on Indy Custom Radio. I love your voice. It's rare to hear someone these days that has such a strong voice. It was very refreshing. You have a new fan.

Laran S

November 20, 2006

Hi Suzanne, I sure have missed your music lately and always miss not having you at Kerrville. I bet you are doing great things. I just moved back to Texas deom auditioning for musicals in Vienna, Ausrtia for a year. Loved it. I would love to hear your musical.

Quick questionL I just took my 8 yr old nephew to see "Flushed away" and saw your name in the credits, was that you? Thought it woulod be great if it was, and if so, congrats. Please let me know more about your musical and when you may be back in Tejas. Big Hugs, my dear. Laran
P.S. we met at SXSW in Austin almost 5 years ago, you and Eleni Kelakos.

Art Seif

October 28, 2006

Periodically I check your gigs listing and find it rather spare.
Hope you are filling your time with productive, interesting and happy events. Miss you back east,

Karl Warden

October 5, 2006

I was on the first ever R Family Vacations cruise that you played on and I fell in love with your music and it's very special to me. My boyfriend and I are huge fans. do you have any dates coming up in LA or southern california? I'd love to see you live again! Thanks!


July 23, 2006

found you using indy (
thought it was janis joplin for a sec.

you have great talent.

Len Jaffe

July 20, 2006

Any chance of you being on the east coast in June of 2007? Need to hear from you asap!!! My house concert series is filled for the season except for June. We'd love to see and hear you!
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